How We’re Different

More than an urgent care, faster than a hospital

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More than an Urgent Care

Urgent Care Centers aren’t staffed or equipped to treat life threatening situations. At Emergi Care, we can treat any ailment that a hospital emergency room can, but in a more comfortable setting without the long waiting times.

Urgent Care Centers are not regulated by the state. Emergency Room Facilities like Emergi Care are required by the Department of Health to meet strict standards dealing with our staff, services, and equipment.

Faster than a Hospital

Hospital based emergency rooms are often crowded because of the hospital itself! When the hospital is full, admitted patients often wait for hours until a room becomes available upstairs. With many of their rooms and staff occupied by admitted patients, the new patients have to wait. And wait. And wait. At Emergi Care, we transfer patients to a variety of hospitals so our rooms and our staff are available to treat new patients quickly and efficiently. And since our laboratory, X-ray, and CT equipment are not shared by a busy hospital, our test results only take a few minutes.

But the main reason hospital based emergency rooms are so crowded is that people have learned that is the one place where they can go for rapid diagnosis and treatment on their schedule, not just 9 to 5 on weekdays.

The staff of Emergi Care has worked in busy hospitals for years, and we’ve learned that the care you receive doesn’t always have to be provided in a hospital. Now we’ve brought our experience home to Clear Lake.

Personalized attention

While an assembly line hospital based emergency rooms may see 10 times more patients than we do each day, it’s not because they have 10 doctors on duty. That’s why we are able to provide the personalized cheerful attention that they can only dream of. Once you’ve experienced our type of service, you’ll see why Emergi Care is the wave of the future for immediate emergency medical attention.