Emergi-Care Urges Public to Get Flu Shots

HOUSTON, TEXAS – EmergiCare, a Houston area freestanding neighborhood critical care clinic, urges Clear Lake residents to be sure they’ve had a flu shot.

The physicians at Emergi-Care report a recent decrease in the number of flu cases reported in the Clear Lake area. This year’s flu season began about a month earlier than normal, and after an initial wave of flu cases around the country, the Centers for Disease Control reports that overall activity is beginning to slow down.

However, Emergi-Care would like the public to remember that the U.S. is only halfway through flu season, and a second strain is likely to emerge before flu season ends. Emergi-Care reports that flu shots are still available, and residents who have not yet gotten a flu shot should do so as soon as they’re able.

Flu vaccinations are recommended for all people ages six months and older. Children, the elderly, and pregnant women are particularly susceptible and should be vaccinated annually.

Last week, the CDC reported the flu again surpassed an “epidemic” threshold, based on monitoring of flu deaths and cases of pneumonia, a frequent complication.

Located in the heart of Houston’s Clear Lake area, Emergi-Care provides high-quality critical care without the long wait times associated with hospital facilities. Unlike urgent care facilities, EmergiCare  is regulated by the state and meets strict requirements for staff, services, and facilities. Emergi-Care can treat the same conditions as a hospital, including life-threatening situations. All physicians and nurses are trained and experienced in critical care.

For more information on EmergiCare, call (281) 572-5505 or visit them on the web at www.clearlakeer.com. EmergiCare is located at 2409 Falcon Pass in Houston.