Friendswood Emergency Care

When you are in need of immediate medical attention, a crowded hospital room and an ill-equipped emergency room are not going to make the cut. Your health is not something you take for granted and you definitely do not want to settle for mediocre care. That’s why Emergi-Care is the best place for you and your family when you are facing an emergency.

Emergi-Care is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so no matter what day or time, you will find the care you are looking for, even on holidays. Your entire family can be treated at Emergi-Care, regardless of their age. Emergi-Care’s doctors and nurses on staff specialize in Advanced Pediatric Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support and are equipped to handle a variety of medical conditions and illnesses, including minor conditions such as ear infections, allergic reactions, and the common cold to more serious conditions such as head injuries, seizures, and heart attacks. With their own CT scanner, a digital x-ray system, and state of the art laboratory, this freestanding clinic can treat any condition, ailment, or injury and unlike a busy hospital, they can do it without the wait time.

Emergi-Care’s physicians are board-certified and are trained and prepared for any ailment or injury. In the case that hospital transfer is necessary, Emergi-Care arranges the transfer quickly and efficiently. Your health is always Emergi-Care’s number one priority.

Located adjacent to the NASA campus, Emergi-Care is a short drive from Pearland.

For more information, please visit the contact page and fill out the form or call at (281) 572-5505

Emergi-Care accepts all major insurance plans but does not accept Medicaid.

More than urgent care, faster than a hospital.