Emergicare: Update on COVID-19 Corona-Virus

The outbreak of respiratory disease caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus has now been declared a national emergency. The staff of Emergicare is working with local and state health officials to keep our community safe.

For an excellent and frequently updated source of information about the situation, we suggest regularly checking the CDC summary here:


There continues to be a shortage of testing kits, so we recommend that if anyone thinks they may have the virus that they NOT seek medical attention unless they are short of breath or seriously ill. Instead, it is recommended that they quarantine themselves at home for up to 2 weeks. We do have CT scanning available which has been shown to have superior sensitivity to nasal swabbing for diagnosis of the virus, particularly in symptomatic cases. There is still no specific treatment for the virus itself other than supportive care.

We are trying to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible, but there is also a nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Therefore, we ask that if anyone has a fever or cough or believes that they may have the COVID-19 virus that they first call (281) 572-5505, or if presenting to our facility for evaluation that they RING OUR FRONT DOORBELL so that we can prepare for their safe entrance into our facility. We will bring such patients directly back to a specially prepared room via wheelchair or through the ambulance entrance to avoid contaminating the front lobby and registration area.

As with any virus, frequent handwashing and avoidance of close contact with other people are the mainstays of prevention. If everyone follows the principle of “social distancing” for a few weeks, the spread of the virus can likely be controlled and we can get back to our previous routines.

Please note, at this time Emergicare is waiving copays for anyone who presents to our facility for flu-like illness through May 1, 2020, and will bill insurance only.

James Jackson MD
President, Emergicare