4 Reasons That Can Land You in ER on Thanksgiving Day

The things that come to your mind when you think of Thanksgiving are the pumpkin pies, turkey, relatives, and football. However, the only thing on the minds of the ER staff at this time of the year is their busy schedule. 

Surprised? Well, though it is a day that you chose to be thankful for all the blessings in your life, people also tend to indulge in gluttony over food and alcohol, failing turkey carving attempts and of course, the fryer accidents commonly occur in many kitchens. And all these do not count the unforeseen accidents that occur either. 

Here are the top 4 reasons that can land someone in an ER on Thanksgiving Day:

  • Food Indulgence

There is no denying the fact that overeating is the topmost culprit when it comes to an ER visit on Thanksgiving. With a culture that revolves around food on most of the holidays and this one, in particular, is associated with food only, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that most Americans tend to overindulge themselves. 

However, it is not the food itself that is to be blamed but the high amount of sodium present in the food that people indulge in. Most of the cured meats and other meat cuts available in the stores are extremely high in sodium. All the gravies that are dished out along with the sauces, dips, snacks, and salted nuts that you keep popping in excess, are a dangerous source of sodium.  

This excessive salt (sodium) is the main culprit that leads to a sudden spike in blood pressure, cardio disorders, even heart attacks. The most common reason for a visit to an ER is stomach ache and other disorders. 

However, this year you need to be extra careful and mind what you are putting on your plate as there is already an influx of Covid-19 patients. Watch what you eat and avoid using too much salt and sodium in foods. 

  • Food Poisoning

Another major reason for a visit to the ER that is quite common in the aftermath of Thanksgiving is Food poisoning. Thanksgiving is a festival exclusively about a variety of foods. A table filled with an array of dishes along with Turkey taking the centerstage is reflective of the Thanksgiving spirit. Turkey itself is hazardous when it comes to accidents on this particular day. If a chef is inexperienced, a lot can go wrong, and one of them is food-poisoning that can occur if the food is not handled carefully and hygienically. 

The best way to avoid mishandling the turkey is while thawing the frozen one, and cooking it thoroughly in all areas.  Be careful with the leftovers as they are one of the main causes of food poisoning over the Thanksgiving weekend. Better share fresh food with homeless people. Keeping it in the fridge for more than four days would lead to food poisoning. Or better keep it in the deep freezer, if you want it to last longer (up to four months).

  • Alcohol Intoxication

Indulgence in alcohol also rises over this particular weekend. As much as it is hazardous to health, it is also dangerous for you to plan to get on the road. Still, many people do not pay any heed and drive while intoxicated. This not only keeps the ER busy, it keeps traffic police and other services busy as well. 

Thanksgiving sees the highest ratio of DWI arrests which is definitely a recipe for disaster. It also leads to a spike in road accidents that not only affect the intoxicated driver but put other people in danger as well. If you plan to drink, then arrange for a pick-up or ride-sharing with someone who is not drinking. If you are the one who is refraining from drinking as you have to drive, even then, you have to be careful as the other drivers may not be so sensible, and cause you an accident. 

  • Kitchen Accidents

Kitchen accidents are really common on Thanksgiving. There is always so much to do on this particular holiday. From stuffing and cooking a big bird like the turkey, an extra-long to-do list, the guests pouring in, and a couple of glasses of wine to calm the nerves can cause kitchen disasters. This means, that on Thanksgiving there are high chances that your local ER’s plate would be full of burns and cuts. 

You need to keep the children, yourself, and your pets away from the deep fryer used for crisping up the turkey. Americans end up paying more than $15 million in property damages every Thanksgiving. It is also recommended to keep the fire extinguisher ready nearby to deal with sudden fires and accidents. 

Other injuries include cuts and lacerations. Too many cooks not only spoil the broth, they end up hurting themselves as well. Therefore, keep the well-meaning, but intoxicated guests away from the kitchen even if you are short of hands. Also, whoever is on cooking duty must save the wine for the last. Also, keep the inexperienced carvers away from the turkey to implement knife safety. 

Even if you are very careful, accidents may occur. In case you need any medical attention, get in touch with your local emergency services. However, we hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving

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